Chesnokov P., Got is with us
fragment, 40'' (156 Kb, .mp3)

Chesnokov P., Funeral Service. Op 39-a
fragment, 88'' (346 Kb, .mp3)

In a dark wood, folk song
fragment, 32'' (124 Kb, .mp3)

The Evening ringing, folk song
fragment, 31'' (120 Kb, .mp3)

Steppe, endless steppe, folk song
fragment, 56'' (218 Kb, .mp3)

The twelve brigands, folk song
fragment, 62'' (241 Kb, .mp3)

Merry Christmas
fragment, 31'' (121 Kb, .mp3)

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Liturgical Hymns
NCS - Petersburg Recording Studio,
manufactured by UEP, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1997

Internationale Weihnachten
Gutersloh, 1996/97

The Male Choir of St.Petersburg
EMI-classics, London, 1999

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Male Choir of St.Petersburg