Alexander Radev

Alexander Radev — was born in the family of a worker in 1959 in Ukraine, the coast of the Sea of Azov. He is a Bulgarian by national origin. His fattier comes from the family of the Bulgarian landowners. The mother comes from the family of a famous Ukrainian poet SHEVCHENKOT.G.

Within the period of 1967-1974 he studied at school. In 1974 he entered Kiev Choreographic college where he studied Folk dance, in 1978 he graduated from mis college with a speciality of the Artist of Ballet.

Creative activity of Alexander Radev for the last period:

  • The artist of the State Academic dance company of Ukraine named after Virsky P.P. —Kiev, Ukraine.
  • The soloist of the Honoured State song and dance company "Donbas".
  • The soloist of the State dance company "Barinya".

Alexander Radev got the higher education with a speciality "Choreographic Mastery"  — a ballet-master, a teacher choreographer — LODN GIK named after Krupskaya N.K. Since 1993 - a Director of "The Male Choir of St. Petersburg" -ROF "Singers of Russia", a member of the committee of St Petersburg society of friends of Mongolia (StPSFM), Professor of APBOP, an Honoured worker of culture of Russia.


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