The Male Choir of St. Petersburg

Male Choir of St. Petersburg
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The Male Choir
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The Male Choir of St. Petersburg was created in January 1993 with the support of such outstanding people as Dmitrij Likhachov - Chairman of the International Fund of Salvation of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Spivakov - music director of the Chamber Orchestra "The Virtuosos of Moscow", Maris Yansons - Chief Conductor of the National Orchestra of Norway, Conductor of St.Petersburg Philarmonic Orchestra.

The Male Choir consists of 25 professional musicians - 12 tenors, 5 baritons, 4 basses and 4 basses-profoundo amoung them give rich and unique Russian sound to it.

Many of Russia's finest composers - Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Chesnokov, Arkhangelsky - are featured in the choir's songbook.

The experienced conductor Vadim Afanasiev was invited as the artistic director and chief conductor of the Male Choir of St.Petersburg in 1993. He worked as chief conductor of the State Chorus of the USSR, the Artistic Director of the State Concert Orchestra, as well as the conductor of the opera theatres of St. Petersburg. Afanasiev lead the Male Choir towards the restoration and continuation of the traditions of chorus of the State horisters - Deacons, which was created by Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the XVth century.

It has performed in the most prestige concert halls of St.Petersburg.

MALE CHOIR OF ST.-PETERSBURG Has closed summer concert season. Up to a meeting in the following season - Summer of 2012.

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